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Billie Davies announces her new project finale “PERSPECTIVES II” that will take place at 
ART KLUB Theatre on June 1, 2018 from 8 to 10 PM.
The performance that will have the BILLIE DAVIES trio with: Billie Davies (drums), Evan Oberla (piano/keys), Oliver Watkinson (bass) Featuring Ari Kohn (reeds), Iris P (vocals), Allie Porter (vocals) and 2 dancers from the Artivism Dance Theatre will be recorded live for sound and video and will be produced as a CD (music) and DVD (music/video) and is slated to be released in the fall of 2018.

Following the improvisational exploration of “PERSPECTIVES I”, ( ), performed at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Music At The Mint, on January 31 2018, the project finale, “PERSPECTIVES II”, continues an all spontaneous, instinctive, intuitive improvisation inspired by 7 perspectives, words and 7 chakra musical keys, expressed by a quartet of piano / keys, baritone sax / flute, bass and drums, vocals / spoken word by 2 female vocalists and 2 female dancers.

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Watch: Live Spontaneous Improvisation From Billie Davies Trio & More

Watch: Live Spontaneous Improvisation From Billie Davies Trio & More: The latest live performance video from the Billie Davies trio is an all-spontaneous improvisation with a piano, reeds, bass, drums and spoken word.

Friday, February 16, 2018

BILLIE DAVIES trio (Davies - Oberla - Watkinson) announcing their new project "PERSPECTIVES"

(Davies - Oberla - Watkinson)
announcing their new project

View de 2nd evolution from the Full Blood Moon concert on January 31, 2017 below...
BILLIE DAVIES trio "PERSPECTIVES" Live @ The New Orleans Jazz Museum

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“PERSPECTIVES” by Billie Davies

Billie Davies - drums, Evan Oberla - piano, Oliver Watkinson - bass.
Ari Kohn - reeds (2nd and 3rd evolu

spoken word
Allie Porter - vocals (2nd and 3rd evolution)
Iris P - vocals (3rd evolution)

Artivism Dance Group - dance improvisation (3rd evolution)

“PERSPECTIVES” is an all spontaneous improvisation, with a trio of piano, bass and drums (which might change into a quartet or quintet through the 3 evolutions), 
spoken word by female vocalist(s) in the 2nd and 3rd evolution and 3 dancers (female: referring to mother earth) in the 3rd evolution of the project.

True improvisational music of an Abstract Expressionist nature

An improvisation that will evolve through 3 evolutions, through repetition, minimal rehearsal and major performance and that will bring a message to raise the awareness of Life and living, Love and loving, in a deeply natural, subconsciously conscious perspective, so people start to listen to their heart again, to feel their soul again, without dogma, without fear, wholly responsible for every action taken, and in doing so feel truly happy and fulfilled again.

The musicians will express through sound, the vocalist(s) through words, the dancers through movement, all influenced by 7 perspectives.

An ode to the tree of life and people. One big conversation where each artist responds to another artist’s call, where each and every action taken is in response to another, all being influenced by each other, all being one and one with mother nature. 


1. Nature (Be Connected Wholly With Nature, With Yourself)

2. Life (Live As If Life Were New And Original)

3. Happiness (The Most Powerful Energy We Have Is Love)

4. Love (The Most Powerful Energy We Have Is Love)

5. Individualism (Express Everything That Is Alive Within You)

6. Art (Open Yourself To Universal Creative Energy)

7. Rhythm (Accept That Life Is Good)

"I feel that nothing we did, and everything we have done, in the past, relates or evolves into being what “PERSPECTIVES" could be because I see it as a spontaneous in the moment expression, without any pre-conceived ideas, without any music written down ... as if we started playing our instrument for the first time, as if this is the first time music gets played. A blank canvas, each and every time, so to speak."


It is my roots, answering, calling, and continuing the Mission of liberating the notes to be free and the sounds to be re-invented, re-explored, so that others will hear and see and feel the ROOTS.

So that others may IDENTIFY with it. As I Do.

So that this extremely FREE, Heart Beating, Soul Searching, Mind Bending form of FINE ART through the medium of MUSIC... be still here

after I am gone...

UNCONSTRAINED by color, race, gender, dogma, politics, fashion and trends and money.

LOUD AND CLEAR (Billie Davies)

"All of my music is improvisational... a conversation between musicians and musical instruments. A joint emotional expression inspired by a certain common feeling, thought or perspective in an instinctual, unpredictable, freely expressed improvisation exploring authentic feelings and inspirations that is being communicated to an audience, a listener, a community." - Billie Davies

video info
L to R: Evan Oberla - piano, Ari Kohn - reeds, Oliver Watkinson - upright bass, Allie Porter - spoken word, Billie Davies - drums.
Sound & Video recording: Joe Stolarick at The New Orleans Jazz Museum, Music At The Mint.
Sound Mix and Post Production: Mike Davies, Billie Davies
Logistics: Mike Davies
Photography: Mike Davies