Monday, December 19, 2016

Billie Davies – ‘On Hollywood Boulevard’ – Skope Entertainment Inc

Billie Davies – ‘On Hollywood Boulevard’ – Skope Entertainment Inc

Billie Davies – ‘On Hollywood Boulevard’
by Admin • December 19, 2016

“On Hollywood Boulevard” is a glamorous, gorgeous mixture of jazz and funk displaying Billie Davies’s deft skill. Luxurious textures dominate the collection as Billie Davies draws from a wide variety of sources. Everything simply glistens as the attention to tone and texture are of the utmost importance. Bass works wonders alongside the rather loose, careful rhythms that adorn the album. Mood serves an important function as Billie Davies explore vast terrains, oftentimes delving into surreal, otherworldly soundscapes.

Things start off on an impassioned note with the phenomenal opener “On Hollywood Boulevard 1”. With almost a noir take on jazz, the mysterious shadowy nature of the piece results something deeply compelling. Vocals accompany the laid-back attitude of “The Girl In The Window”. Delivered with a sultry sensibility, the way the song builds itself up is quite wonderful as the song unfurls in a rather celebratory spirit. Careful grooves define the ritualistic work of “Jacaronda”. Some of the detail, such as the tactile percussion, gives the song a quiet intimate feeling. Funk dominates over the spirited performance, as the synthesizer sweeps give the song a chilled hue to it. Electronics and jazz come together on the narrative of “Hollywood Boulevard” where its hip-hop structure adds to the song’s cache. Returning to the album’s beginnings in jazz is the spacious sprawl of “On Hollywood Boulevard 2”.

Billie Davies offers a cool confident update on jazz with the playful nature of “On Hollywood Boulevard”.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Billie Davies - Dec 10 Release of Her Nu Experience - "On Hollywood Boulevard"

On News

- A Nu Experience! -
An Electrifying Musical Adventure
- December 10 Release Date! -

CD Release party at The Prime Example, New Orleans.
Dec. 8th, 2016 - 8 PM

- "On Hollywood Boulevard" -

Since recording, releasing and performing "Hand In Hand In The Hand Of The Moon" as an ode to the work of her dearest friend, Belgian artist Serge Vandercam (1924 - 2005), and performing with Billie & The Bad Boyzzzz and the Billie Davies Trio in 2015- 2016 it slowly became time for her new album project "On Hollywood Boulevard", for which Billie wrote the melodies and lyrics, to become a reality.
After 20 years of playing, producing and releasing instrumental jazz, Billie Davies is turning a page and is bringing us a Nu Vocal and Electric Experience, "On Hollywood Boulevard".

"On Hollywood Boulevard" was born while Billie Davies lived at 6533 Hollywood Blvd. at The Historic Hillview Hollywood in Hollywood, Los Angeles. She lived there for several years and her many experiences in and impressions of Hollywood Boulevard resulted in a recorded album of 5 songs that Billie Davies wrote melodies and lyrics for and 2 improvisations of which one has improvised lyrics by IRIS P.. It took from 2012 in Hollywood, the initial conception, to September of 2016 in New Orleans for the album to become a reality.
Billie and her husband/producer Mike Davies chose Evan Oberla, with whom she has recorded and performed since February of 2015, on keys/synth and trombone and Oliver Watkinson, who became her bass player in the summer of 2015, on electric bass. Billie Davies met IRIS P through an introduction by Evan Oberla, during one of their performances at The Dragon's Den, and was rejoiced to find the perfect vocalist, the perfect chemistry, to record and perform the "On Hollywood Boulevard" lyrics and experience.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016


In the recording studio...
Recording the new album "On Hollywood Boulevard"
Hollywood Boulevard (Billie Davies)
L to R:
Evan Oberla - piano/synth/trombone
Billie Davies - drums
Oliver Watkinson - bass
Iris P - vocals
Mike Davies - sound & video
Recorded at Billie Davies studio - Cobra Basement