Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jazz, Fusion, Avant-Jazz, Avant-Garde Drummer BILLIE DAVIES in NEW ORLEANS

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Drummer, Composer & Bandleader BILLIE DAVIES has just very recently moved to New Orleans and is available for projects, gigs and recordings in the Jazz, Fusion, Avant-Jazz and Avant-Garde styles of music. She is very eager to get herself acquainted with the NOLA music scene...
She will also be looking for musicians for her own upcoming project, a new album, "On Hollywood Boulevard". There will be a separate posting for that purpose in a few weeks...

"With a background in Classical and Jazz and a lifetime of musical experiences in jams, performances, recordings and music production, the listener is treated to jazz inclinations within her ensembles that bristle with cutting-edge freshness." (C.J. Bond)
Billie has played Jazz, Avant-garde jazz, and Avant-Jazz with Leroy Vinnegar, John Handy, Joe Fuentes, Saul Kaye (on Cobra Basemento, Dreams), Michael Godwin (on Cobra Basemento, Dreams), Lee Elfenbein (on Dreams), Drew Waters, Pierre Swärd, Tom Bone Ralls (on all about Love.), Manny Silvera, Oliver Steinberg (on all about Love.), Daniel Coffeng (on 12 VOLT), Adam Levy (on 12 VOLT) and had guest appearances all over the Northern West Coast. It is these experiences that have shaped Billie into the intuitive and inventive drummer she is today. Her playing style reminds us a lot of Billy Hart. (from Wikipedia.)
BILLIE DAVIES is a recipient of the prestigious 2013 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards
"JAZZ ARTIST" of the Year Award .

"Davies is not countering the modern jazz movement so much but rather stripping it down to its essence. When listening to Davies play, its easier to think of her not as a drummer but a tonal painter who swipes brushstrokes with her drumsticks." (S. Victor Aaron)

"Billie Davies is bringing something radically new to the idiom of modern jazz in various ways which, in its purest essence, incorporates everything in its collective subconscious amalgam that has come before. It draws influences and ideas from both classical music and jazz in a modern and unique way which would appeal to audiences and aficionados of both these types of music. Besides these two major exponents it also encompasses whats referred to as "world music" (Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, South American and European ethnic music). Billie Davies' music is unapologetically moving in the direction of "true art" and plays with colors, moods, movements, feelings and interactions, a paradoxically more advanced concept of expression." (D. Coffeng)